Tree House Project Fund

This story started in 2017 with two boys and a request for a treehouse. 

James, six, and William, four, had many ideas of what this treehouse would have, from trap doors to a zipline. But when asked how it would be paid for, the boys grew very quiet. 

In a group effort, inventory was taken in Mom’s studio to see what they could make and sell. Boxes of discontinued designer fabric swatch books were paired with a zipper and ‘StufF’ bags were born! 

This became a family project and a lesson in delayed gratification. The boys clipped threads, added zipper pulls and worked the cash at a couple of local craft sales. The ‘StufF’ bags raised enough for the treehouse and the demand for the bags continued. In keeping with this learning opportunity there is a vision, and now a fund through The Winnipeg Foundation, to give back to children in our community. 

Each one-of-a-kind ‘StufF’ bag keeps beautiful fabrics out of landfills while giving back to the community. 

Cover photo of James and William by Brianne Baigrie

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