About Julie Pedersen


The Transformative Power of Fashion

I was born in Winnipeg and always had an interest in fashion. It wasn't until I started modeling at age 15, though, that I truly discovered the power of clothing - it builds confidence and completely transforms how you feel about yourself. Great clothes make you feel great… and I love that.

When I finally understood the power of fashion I knew that I needed to create my own clothing line. I wasted no time and immediately began dedicating myself to this new goal. I spent 6 years working in wardrobe on films before moving to Vancouver to study Fashion Design. Kickstarting my fashion career, I worked with Linda Lundstrom in Toronto designing a 500 piece fall collection.

A Fashion Line Born from Necessity (Frozen Toes)

I studied in Vancouver, lived in Toronto and toured North America promoting the Linda Lundstrom fashion line, but time and time again I gravitated back to Winnipeg. On one Winnipeg trip, I arrived home right in the middle of winter and needed a good pair of winter boots. Here's what I learned: everything was black, boring and not even close to warm enough for the weather. The options were slim, but I would not settle.

So what would any self-respecting fashion designer do? I made my own!

I took a moccasin-making course that gave me the basics and I bought a pair of second hand winter boots to analyze their construction. I used my pattern-making skills to perfect the fit and proportions and slowly started accumulating the proper industrial machines to eliminate hand-sewing. When a Canadian mukluk manufacturer saw what I was doing, they approached me to design for them. I worked there for 6 months, but left knowing that I needed to continue with my idea of non-traditional mukluks.

My spirit was rekindled and I finally had the time to focus on my vision.

So, just like that, Muckies were born!

A Dedication to Local Sourcing

I use Canadian furriers to find the perfect fur for my designs. Sourcing through local suppliers lets me hand select each fur and buy in smaller quantities – this allows me to offer an even wider variety of fur options.

I do not use anything exotic or endangered.

The process I have created for constructing the fur for each pair of boots is more extensive and time-consuming than traditional manufacturing processes. This eliminates any fur from being wasted and creates an interesting look and texture.

The Beauty is in the Details

You will not find Julie Pedersen Muckies in stores as they are not mass-produced.

There are extensive design and construction details exclusive to JP Muckies making them aesthetically gorgeous and yet practical for everyday wear.

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