About Muckies

About Muckies

  1. Do you make leather Muckies?
    Julie Pedersen uses a high-quality black leather that is beautiful and super durable. It is available upon request. Price will be quoted on short or tall height preferred.
  2. Do Julie Pedersen Muckies have a sole?
    Muckies have a rubber sole and plenty of heart! Our rubber sole wraps up slightly onto the shoe; Julie chose this sole because it does not interfere with the aesthetics of the boot, it is light-weight, creates great traction and it allows her to add an insole for extra cushioning.


  1. How do I know my size?
    Muckies are whole-sized from 5-11. They are a slightly generous fit and Julie recommends going down a size as they will relax a 1/2 size with wear. If you always wear socks (and/or especially a heavy sock), order your normal size. Most women can wear 2 sizes. A size down or their actual shoe size.
  2. Can you make a half size?
    We apologize, but we are unable to do half sizes… we’re all or nothing! The soles are whole-sized and, with wear, they relax a half size anyways… so worry not! 
  3. Can I custom order a pair to fit my calves?
    All calves are beautiful and we can create a custom pair to perfectly hug your legs. Please take a measurement around the widest part of your calf OVER your favorite pair of jeans or pants. Include your measurement in the special instructions box with your order.


  1. How do you clean the suede?
    For salt deposits, a warm moist cloth will dissolve and rub out the salt. Afterwards, spray with a suede spray. If you get your Muckies muddy (you’re an adventurous one!), let them dry and use a toothbrush to clean.
  2. How do you clean the fur?
    The beauty of fur is that it will likely never need cleaning. If your fur gets dusty, wipe with a damp cloth in the direction of the fur. For longer curly fur, Julie uses a leave-in mist conditioner and combs the fur to prevent matting and to bring back shine and curl.
  3. Are Julie Pedersen Muckies waterproof?
    Julie Pedersen Muckies are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. Every pair has been hand-painted on the backside of the suede with a water-resistant coating to help protect against moisture. This coating also prevents over-stretching and gives the mukluks’ suede added structure to eliminate slouching. In addition, a water sealant is added over the coating to ensure best protection. These are exclusive to Muckies.
  4. Can you wear Julie Pedersen Muckies outside?
    Muckies were designed in Winnipeg, the home of extreme winters, and they are meant to be worn outside to face the cold. That being said, Muckies are very breathable, so they’re cool and comfortable indoors as well.
  5. How long do Julie Pedersen Muckies last?
    Muckies can last years when taken care of. Because Muckies are water-resistant (but not waterproof), avoiding big puddles will prolong their life. Jumping in big puddles is pretty exciting though - you need to weigh the risk vs. reward.


  1. Can I order custom Muckies?
    Yes yes yes! Please visit the Custom page and complete the order form to begin the creation of your custom, one-of-a-kind Muckies or Spats!
  2. Is there a Julie Pedersen catalogue?
    The majority of Muckies are one-of-a-kind, so a printed catalogue simply does not make sense. Our current product page will give you a real-time listing of what’s available.
  3. Where else are Julie Pedersen Muckies sold?
    Muckies are exclusively sold on www.juliepedersen.com. Although many stores adore Muckies, distributing Julie Pedersen designs through retail outlets would force us to mark up the prices. Offering our designs direct through our online store keeps prices low and allows us to create amazing custom designs. In Winnipeg they are now featured at the Exchange Uporium located at Arthur & McDermot in the Exchange District.