Muckies Muckies Muckies Muckies Muckies Muckies


Size 6-6 1/2 (relaxes 1/2 size with wear)

White leather shorties

Described as "pillows for your feet!"

Muckies was my business for 15 years and I am now just making the odd pair here and there as it was too busy. I will not be doing custom as much but rather posting online here when available. 

The leather has a water resistant coating on the backside, do avoid puddles when possible though! Many women think white is difficult to keep clean although it is actually the easiest - especially being leather, it just wipes off.

The fur is all reinforced with a fabric backing. I am zero waste especially when it comes to fur. I hand pick each pelt from a local furrier who works with trappers up north. This pair is rabbit, coyote, fox & raccoon. 

My muckies will not slouch as I reinforce each pair with boning/stabilizer. 

Shorties are approximately 11.5" from the floor up.

The sole is rubber and allows for a thermal insole to be sewn in so you don't feel every stone. 

The shorties are great even in the summer. I love wearing mine around a fire at night and they look great with a summer dress.

In winter they are extremely warm, I wear mine barefoot but it is personal preference.



Type: Muckies

Vendor: Julie Pedersen

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