About Muckies

Muckies were originally created by Julie in January of 2005 when she moved from Vancouver back to Winnipeg in the middle of winter. She has always loved mukluks but they were never an option for wearing in the city as they are intended for dry, cold climates.

Julie has made numerous alterations from the traditional mukluks to be more practical for urban wear while also adorning them with jewels, hardware and appliques to make them visually appealing.

The suede is pretreated on the backside with a flexible rubber coating which makes them more water resistent. They are not waterproof but this treatment withstands most conditions. Avoiding wet conditions is always recommended when possible. It also prevents the suede from overstretching which is common in traditional mukluks. Muckies will only grow up to a 1/2 size and ultimately just shape to your foot. This treatment also keeps the suede around your calf structured and firm.

Muckies have a rubber sole which comes up slightly on the side of the boot for moisture control and also provides more comfort with an added insole for extra cushioning. This is not the crepe sole as seen on more traditional mukluks but rather a more streamlined and supportive sole that does not make the boot heavy.

For extra durability Julie layers the fur as many people pull them on by the back which, in traditional mukluks is very stressful on the pelt and can result in splitting. By layering the fur it is reinforced onto a heavy fabric so this issue is avoided. This also creates more texture in the fur and leads to a truly unique product.

The boots are whole sized from 5-11. If in doubt about sizing either stay with your normal size or go down one. As noted above they do give about a 1/2 size and are a generous fit. Most women can wear two sizes it just depends how you want them to fit (if you wear socks or go barefoot for example).

We receive many emails and calls about how much attention these boots attract. We always love to hear these stories so let us know yours too!!