Julie Pedersen Urban Mukluks & Accessories Featured in SANDBOX Magazine!

Posted on November 10, 2010 by Julie Pedersen

Cognac Muckies with cable knit, and layered fur spats with pyramid studs as seen in SANDBOX magazines fall issue. To see the full article visit SANDBOX online @

How are Julie Pedersen Muckies Different from Traditional Mukluks?

Posted on October 26, 2010 by Julie Pedersen

Visually, of course!  That is a given.  Each pair is truely unique and creates insight about whomever is wearing them. 

My background is in Fashion Design and when I moved back to Winnipeg in the middle of winter 5 years ago - it was impossible to find something warm and yet, unique and visually appealing.  I had always had a love for mukluks and so I applied my pattern making to them.  And since mukluks are traditionally not suitable for our winters - where we have a lot of slush - I decided to eliminate this problem.

Each pair of Muckies has a coating on the backside of the suede (that I found, researched and tested myself) that makes the suede more water resistant.  This coating also prevents them from overstretching and gives more structure to the suede.  They will only stretch a half size rather than 2-3 whole sizes.

The sole I use is rubber, wraps up on the side (also better for slush) and is extremely lightweight.  It also allows me to add extra cushioning so you don't feel every stone! 

The lining of the foot is sherpa fabric.  I do not use sheepskin because your feet get too hot, sweat and then you have a pair of stinky boots that you will never want to wear.  I wear my Muckies barefoot in -40 and am still warm.  The leg lining is like silk on bare legs - it is an extremely soft faux fur.

I have perfected the pattern in that it fits more like a shoe.  The heel is shaped to cup your foot rather than a 90 degree angle where you end up stepping on the heel & fur all the time.  The leg is more tailored too.  It is not one size fits most.  If you have concerns about my standard calf fit you can take a measurement over your jeans at the widest point and we will accommodate.

Around the toe is the trim that covers the seams.  This is decorative.  Many others stitch this piece down.  I use a commercial strength shoe glue because I want to prevent any chance of additional moisture from getting in.  The glue also cements that stitching in nice and secure.

All of my fur is reinforced.  Many people pull on the boots by the fur which is normally stressful on the pelt and can cause the fur to tear.  You don't have to worry about this with the Muckies.  In the past couple of years I have also started to layer the fur.  This can create a lot more texture in the fur and allows me to add feathers too!  So instead of limiting your options to rabbit fur I use many kinds of fur.  Layering also uses the fur more respectively which is important to me.  And the bonus to the customer is that it will not be $800 if you wanted Fox mukluks (for example) because I would mix a bit of fox in with rabbit.

And... I use matching thread!  This has always annoyed me with other lines:  white thread on chocolate brown!  Erg!  The thread I use is also a heavy nylon commercial weight thread.

Thanks for reading this - there is more to my boots than meets the eye and ... I thought you should know!




Custom Orders

Posted on September 27, 2010 by Julie Pedersen

Good Morning!  So, we are back in full swing at the studio making boots - stop by and see the new styles or stay tuned for them to be uploaded on the site (which will be very shortly).  And if you are thinking about getting custom boots made - it is never too early!  The studio will be closed between November 24th - December 13th as we are away doing our shows.  The turnaround for orders right now is about 10 days and after Christmas they can take up to 3 months!  Hope to see you soon! 


Custom Orders

Posted on August 13, 2010 by Julie Pedersen

It is never to early to start thinking about getting your custom order in! 

We always appreciate additional time to work on them but also, we are away for a month around the end of November & beginning of December going to shows. 

If I have what you want in stock I can ship it from whichever show I am at - but custom needs a little more planning.

The actual custom page will be coming soon but phone or email me with your likes/dislikes and I am very good with helping you get exactly what you will love!



Julie Pedersen Featured August 13, 2010 in AMAZING CANADIAN FASHION Magazine!

Posted on August 13, 2010 by Julie Pedersen

Next time you are in Chapters or Indigo - check out 'Amazing Canadian Fashion' in the magazine section.  There is a 3 page spread on my Muckies!!  The photographs look so great!  


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