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Posted on November 17, 2015 by Julie Pedersen

First of all, thank-you for visiting:)

This upcoming January marks 11 years of making Muckies!  Unbelievable.

I am fortunate to have a such amazing customers, many of whom have turned into friends.  I am fortunate for all the publicity and celebrities who have endorsed my product.  Thank-you.

This year my business is changing, yet again.  I am scaling back.  I will no longer be doing trade shows or travelling.  We are blessed with two amazing boys and they are my number 1's!  I will however, always have my cherished sewing machines and will continue to make Muckies if you contact me.  My inventory will be small and limited but I will keep those items online until they are sold.

I have found that most people prefer to custom order and this is possible from anywhere in the world.  Through email and photographs I can design and make something to your description.  100% of the time it turns out better than the customer expected.  Depending on the time of the year, turnaround is 2 weeks - 4 weeks.

I look forward to designing your next pair!



Welcome to the NEW Julie Pedersen Website!

Posted on November 17, 2012 by Julie Pedersen


Two amazing new people entered my life this past year who have created great changes in both my personal life and business.These new influences will ultimately benefit all of my amazing customers, new and returning.  

James, our first baby, was born November 9, 2011. He inspired my new baby footwear, Little Bunns. I have designed and created a line of baby high tops made from recycled leather jackets that are amazing for little feet. The leather is already broken down to its softest state, making Little Bunns extremely comfortable and easy to slip on. The Bunn logo is silkscreened onto recycled t-shirts as well. A project that was originally started to make comfortable footwear for my baby, James, continues to encourage me to contribute to the future by recycling previously loved garments.     

Yoko Chapman, owner of Ayoko Design Inc., has truly enriched the face of my brand, and has designed and created my new website. I am so grateful for her vision, dedication and need for perfectionism. Who else prints an amazing magazine as a replacement for a business card?! Yoko is responsible for not only the website's clean design and fresh new face, but has also made order processing and navigation effortless. 

Erin Alexander Photography is responsible for all my new product shots as well as the Ayoko Magazine photo shoot.

You can read more about all the exciting new changes to my business in the January, 2013 issue of Ayoko Magazine, a well as request a paper copy at

I hope you enjoy my new website and love the new Julie Pedersen Urban Mukluks & Accessories Collection!  

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Julie Pedersen in The Metro

Posted on November 17, 2012 by Julie Pedersen


Thank you Bernice Pontanilla for the great article in The Metro, "Manitoba mukluks the must-have item this winter".


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Julie Pedersen at Calgary's Art Market 2012

Posted on November 17, 2012 by Julie Pedersen

Visit me this weekend at Calgary's Art Market.

Calgary Herald Article "Stars are mad for Muckies" by Christina Kuntz


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New Fall & Winter Styles Coming Soon!

Posted on July 13, 2011 by Julie Pedersen

With lots of excitement around the studio lately the new styles are still in progress but will be uploaded soon!

Please check back to get the first peek or sign up to receive notification!


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