Britney Spears wears Julie Pedersen Spats!

Posted on July 06, 2011 by Julie Pedersen

So I am sure you know, but Britney Spears was in Winnipeg on Monday night for her concert at the MTS Centre.

Last week I received an order from the MTS Centre for a pair of spats for Britney. A great gift as they can go over top of any existing high heel (ankle boot, open toe, etc). They were given to her before the show as soon to follow Jason, her boyfriend emailed me to tell me how much she liked them and that she was going to incorporate them into the show!  I replied to say, thank-you for letting me know!, but also that if she liked the spats she would absolutely love the Muckies!  I said I would make her a custom pair and from his other email following the show, he agreed she would too!  He also gave me the update that she DID wear them during "Hit Me Baby" and 4 other songs!!  Amazing.  Photos to follow soon!


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